Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Three Core Functions of Public Health

An associate in otolaryngology head and neck surgery at Mount Nittany Physician Group, Dr. James Freije has spent the last two decades dedicated to improving public health. Dr. James Freije received a master of public health from SUNY University at Albany and is on both the cancer committee for Mount Nittany Medical Center and the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s committee for physicians' health.

The term “public health” is used in reference to the various methods by which populations promote health, prolong life, and prevent disease as a whole. There are three main functions of public health, which are listed below.

- Assessment: monitoring and assessing the overall health of a community and population allows professionals to determine what health problems are present and which ones must be prioritized. By knowing about a population’s main health problems, communities can look into possible causes and treatments.

- Policy development: local and national health organizations must design various policies that address a population’s health issues. This involves everything from informing and educating communities about problems to establishing various solution partnerships and actions within the community.

- Assurance: in order to maintain public health, all members of a population must have access to healthcare that is affordable and fitting for a range of health problems. Any established laws or policies require enforcement and regulation, along with regular research to ensure continued effectiveness and relevance.                            

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